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Cherylann has been involved in the healing arts for over 25 years.  As a child Growing up

in rural Long island, NY she loved the woods and all of nature’s creatures and would nurse young birds and injured

 animals back to health. Over the years, Cherylann has immersed herself in many different healing modalities.

Following her interest in the natural world and science she focused in pre-med studies and received a

BA degree in biology/education from SUNY New Paltz.  A licensed teacher, she has taught secondary school in both

New York and California. Cherylann traveled to California where she worked and studied for 3 years with world renowned

Iridologist and nutritionist, Dr. Bernard Jensen. During that time,  she was fortunate to have also met and studied

with Denny Johnson, the founder of Rayid Iris Analysis. Fascinated with the use of color and light therapy as a healing modality,

she went to England where she received training with Theo Gimbel, founder of Hygeia College of Color and author of several books  

on color healing. While in England she became acquainted with Dr Edward Bach’s flower remedies and visited his

home in Mount Vernon.  She met Nobel prize winner Marcel Vogel and studied his crystal healing techniques.

Cherylann took many seminars and classes in contact reflex analysis, neuromuscular response testing, hormone health and

nutrition from practitioners such as Drs. Versendahl, Ulan and Lang. and went on to receive her degree in clinical nutrition.

She attended the arts program and teacher training, at Rudolph Steiner College in California. Cherylann is a professional member

of the American Association of Nutritional Consultants. She has studied and is familiar with the healing concepts of both acupuncture

and Aurveydic medicine. Additionally,she owns and operates an FDA approved health assessment unit called the BioMeridian.

Understanding that healing is multidimensional, she earned a license in hypnotherapy from the Hypnotherapy Training Institute.

In addition, Cherylann is a licensed minister and currently serves on the BOD of Universal Cosara Temples. A life long passion with

color, art, and form, Cherylann enjoys the creativity and beauty they bring into her life. Drawing on her extensive knowledge,

and experience she is able to synthesize and tailor a program to meet her client’s individual needs.