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  "I find Cosme to be an endearing and wonderfully spiritual man who I felt instant respect, love and rapport with."
I first learned of Cosme through a friend, who recommended him to me for my younger daughter who has suffered from acute asthma since birth. Nicole's first healing thirty days later cured her completely. As of this date, approximately one year later, Nicole has had freedom from asthma for the first time in her life.
                                                                                                       Jane Steinberg


"I don't know exactly how Cosme does what he does. I do know that he has a special gift and I am grateful that he shared it with me and my family!"
I was interested in seeing him because I wanted to have a baby and I was having difficulty getting pregnant. I had already seen a few traditional doctors of obstetrics. Each of them had advised me that my chances of conceiving a child were very minimal because as a teenager I had a serious pelvic infection, and I also had a tipped uterus. It had been recommended to me that I have my left fallopian tube surgically removed. This tube was scarred and blocked, and my current doctor was concerned that I had a significant chance of tubule pregnancy. I did not want to have surgery. I also did not want to have a tubule pregnancy. So, I began looking for an alternative answer to my dilemma.
After Cosme finished working on me, he said, "Okay, now you will be able to get pregnant. Everything will work out fine." I left there feeling calm and sure. My body felt a sense of total and complete balance. The world around me had not changed. My perception of it had. Three months later I was pregnant with my first son. He is now eighteen years old. I also have a beautiful daughter who is fifteen years old. I don't know exactly how Cosme does what he does. I do know that he has a special gift and I am grateful that he shared it with me and my family!
                                                                                                       Theresa Ciafardoni

He has helped me to restore balance to my inner being"
In November 2006 I was over in England on a retreat. I was standing on my friends deck when a sharp pain went directly into my chest.
The next day we flew home to the states and by the end of the eighth day of being back
I was very sick with pneumonia. I went to the doctor who confirmed my diagnosis and
he prescribed antibiotics. I did not get any better, I was getting sicker.
After taking antibiotics for three months, my lung collapsed. I was sent to the hospital to have my lung aspirated, but it was not successful.
I was near death and the doctors wanted to do lung surgery on me. This would mean that they would break my ribs to get to the lung.
That afternoon my friend Bruce called, he knew I was sick and asked me if I knew Cosme.
I remembered Cosme from a wedding I had went too. I went to see him the next day.
He did not waste any time. With the most gentle hands and loving care Cosme worked on me for 2.5 Hours. Two days later I felt so much lighter and better. I could breathe and the pain went away. My lungs were expanded. The next day I called and canceled my surgery,
thanks be to God.

                                                                                                       Stephanie Norswing