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Iridology & Rayid Analysis

Iridology is a study of the iris of the eye which identifies
a persons genetic predispositions for illness . A specialized camera
is used to take photos of the iris showing its patterns. Using this
information  appropriate nutritional supplementation and lifestyle
changes are recommended to bring the body into balance. 
Rayid  Analysis is another way of  looking at patterns in the iris.
This technique lets Cherylann see  beyond the physical and
reveals the core patterns of childhood experiences, family belief
systems, and emotional traumas that make you who you are
today. Relationship issues,  life lessons, communication
styles, innate talents and abilities are seen in a persons eyes. 
Looking at these as a dynamic whole helps a person to better
understand themselves and  to navigate  through life in a
more balanced way.



The BioMeridian unit is a painless, non-invasive way of measuring
the electrical circuits (meridians) in the body that are vital to
maintaining health. A computerized hand held wand 
 measures  58 points and 14 organ systems on the hands and feet
that relate to traditional acupuncture points. 
Based on these measurements, a personalized graph is created
showing the body's strengths and weaknesses
 and making specific nutritional recommendations.
This valuable information allows Cherylann  to create a  plan
that includes dietary and lifestyle changes to help the client 
 achieve their goal of a healthier and happier  life. 

Nutritional Counseling

Cherylann's approach to nutrition and health encompasses both
eastern and western philosophies .  She does an extensive intake,
lifestyle inventory on diet, family history, work environment 
and dental health. In addition, she looks at blood work, and the
general appearance of the whole body. Heart disease, diabetes, allergies
and fibromyalgia are a few of the conditions she works with. She also
uses applied kinesiology, which allows the body to signal what
supplements are the most beneficial  for healing. Using this information
Cherylann designs a nutritional program to meet  the individual
 needs of her clients.


Crystal Bath Light Therapy

John of God, a Brazilian healer was divinely guided to create
this very special healing tool that is called the crystal bath light bed.
While in Brazil Cherylann was given permission by John of God to
to bring this unique healing therapy to the people in the US.

The crystal bath plays  a vital part in facilitating a person's healing journey.

It works on multiple levels to harmonize chakras and subtle
energy bodies. It rebalances frequencies in the electromagnetic
field and  triggers healing processes  in the whole body. .
Each person's experience is very unique and what is most needed
for them at that moment in time .


Transformational  Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis is a natural state of consciousness, in which a person
is in a deep state of relaxation. During hypnosis you are in charge
and Cherylann uses this state to help facilitate the changes you
 want to make. Some concerns that can be benefited by hypnosis include
 pain management, preparation for surgery, eating disorders , smoking
cessation, self sabotaging behaviors, boosting the immune system
and inner healing.
Hypnosis helps a client harmonize the two parts of
the mind (conscious and unconscious) to work together to
form  positive behavior patterns and new belief systems..


Hormone Counseling

Hormones are powerful biological messengers produced by the
endocrine glands (pituitary, thyroid and adrenal glands) in tiny
amounts that exert profound influences on the body. An imbalance
 in hormones can affect menopause, weight gain, breast cancer,
osteoporosis, male impotence, depression, sleep disorders and
digestive problems. Cherylann determines an imbalance through
a detailed consultation and a combination of hair analysis, saliva
and urine testing. After evaluating the test results she focuses
on dietary changes, appropriate supplementation and life style
modification  to help support and balance the body.


The Spiritual Process

The spiritual process is an inner journey  through the spiritual, physical, mental and emotional bodies. Cosme received this special gift from Spirit. The person is guided through a process that allows them to look at themselves in the areas of their life
 that need to be corrected, aligned and balanced.
It is a tour through the chakras, physical organs, the soul and different parts
of the brain including the silver cord  and the elements. It is a way to cleanse
and purify oneself in order to be more in tune with your self, God the creator
and the earth. The process, once completed will allow the person to
create a more harmonious and balanced life.

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