Cosme & Cherylann

"Spiritual Healing of the Mind, Body & Soul"

Crystal bath light therapy
Harmonize chakras and subtle energy bodies
Rebalance frequencies in electromagnetic field

Trigger healing processes in the psyche body
Rejuvenate physical systems for improved function
Stimulate awareness of spiritual awareness

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Spiritual Body Attunement
A spiritual massage in which Cosme scans the body,
identifies the imbalances and blockages.
Using music, deep tissue massage  and
body alignment. Cosme is able to bring a
person back into balance.
Creating an even flow of energy.
He is able to accelerate the healing process.

(Please bring sheets & towels)

Light beam Generator Treatment
The LBG is an essential tool in Lymphatic System Detoxification
Therapy, helping your body restore and maintain proper functioning of
its immune system defense. In working to relieve lymphatic congestion
and toxicity issues, the LBG is an effective aide in battling chronic
disease conditions or simply executing a strong preventive health care program.

Using extremely low current, cold gas and  light photons,
it targets cells in the lymphatic regions through frequency modulation
accomplished with light.


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