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                                     Cosme Castanieto is a world renown healer and spiritual leader.
Born in Hawaii of Filipino descent, Cosme has traveled the world to
                                bring spiritual healing to the people. He has been to Brazil, the Philippines,
                        New York, Chicago, Oregon, Hawaii, Illinois, Finland, North Pole, California and more.
Cosme was raised by a family of spiritual healers. He had extensive
training with and was initiated by Filipino healers. Cosme was ordained
                              after two years of study at the Anchor College of Truth in San Bernardino, CA.
                           He has traveled the world for more then forty nine years with a busy schedule of
                                       extensive healings and lectures. He is the co-founder and  director
                             of Universal Cosara Temples, a non profit healing ministry. A certified massage
Cosme was trained by, and is a member of, the Institute of Integral health.
Using music, massage and body alignment, Cosme is able to scan the body
                              for any imbalances, blockages and looks how energy flows. With those gifts he
                                   is able to bring a person back into balance. He creates and even flow of
                                    energy in a persons energy field which accelerates the healing process.
                                 The results of the process can be seen on all levels. In which ones mind
                                      becomes more clear and focused. His process can  be compared
                                   to a spiritual injection, a godlike energy that flows through the spiritual
                                   body enlivening the entire being. He is a gifted healer who is capable of
                                      bringing a higher light and vibration that can change the course of a
                                                                           persons whole life.

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